Straight out of the movie "Smokey Bandit" with Burt Reynolds, the Trans Am BANDIT has NOT been made by PONTIAC, let it be said once and for all! Indeed, a small company called Trans Am Specialties is responsible for changing the T/A in a powerfull optioned car. They had all the options: tinted power windows, centralized power door lock , air conditioning, remote trunk release, WS6 suspension package with Gabriel shock absorbers, adjustable heavy duty suspension springs and 4 disc brakes. All this in order to receive a 455ci (the T/A no longer had it since 1976) coupled to a manual transmission Doug Nash 5 speed and a 3.08 rear end positraction. 255/60/15 Goodyear Radial tires mounted on alloy wheels 15x8 ". Oh, how important a detail adorns the shaker is marked" 7.5Liter "and that in addition to 8 specific ornaments dispatched on the body and into the cabin.


  Inside, all the refinement possible in addition to the Recaro seats covered in black velvet to match the rest of the interior, BLAUKPUNT 3001 stereo equipment has 4 speakers, an Escort radar detector (yes!), a CB (citizen band) and a high sensitivity anti theft system.


  The BANDIT was able to run the 1/4 miles in just over 14 seconds to nearly 100mph, and to shoot the 0-60mph in 6 seconds. Its engine was actually a an early 455ci 70 bored out to 0.030 "giving a 462ci with forged pistons and 9.0:1 compression. Average camshaft lift, aluminum intake, tubular exhaust manifolds type, high volume oil pump. His power was estimated at 380hp. Don't forget that despite all this gear, the engine met the anti pollution standards of the time and had EGR and catalysts. There are about 200 units produced in 1981 at an excess price of 30,000$ (against 8,700$ for a stock T/A). Despite all this equipment, it still enjoyed the manufacturer's warranty 12mois/12000 miles.

So needless to say, "I've got a BANDIT trans am" because it is false, a T/A SE is not a black bandit, it is just the base model of the movie.