Small revolution in the short history of the Firebird. This timethe engineers took the time to change the aesthetics of the car. The result is a new front, new mirrors, new roofline, new Trans Am finishing with its trunk spoiler, the hood with two air intake vents and front wings. The tank filler cap is now hidden behind the license plate.



  The name Trans Am is not insignificant, since the name is taken from SCCA races T/A (Sports Car Club America's Trans-America sedan racing series) PONTIAC had to pay 5$ royalties per T/A Sold to use the name. The T/A was originally planned with a high performance engine like a 303ci, the same as that used for SCCA racing. Only 25 of them were equipped in this way and all were exclusively for the competition. The T/A (pack performance WS4) were introduitent in March 8, 1969.


Series models were fitted with a 400ci HO Ram Air III 335hp Ram Air IV and with the optional 345hp.