- Who am i?
Well, what can i say?.
My profile; in the thirties, married, a child. Small size: 1.87m - 77kg.
My job; maintenance mechanic and by no means computer! but since few years, i'm on a desk with air-conditioning
My salary; just under the average French sources said ...

- From where?
I live in France, 30miles from Paris

- Passion since when?
I know the firebird since the 80's. No, i didn't grow up in a US garage, no one in my family had US car or any neighbor. I just had a TCR circuit when I was young and the additional car that i bought with my own money was a black 79 Trans Am. I discovered the American TV series with among others K2000, "Dukes of Hazzard", Starsky & Hutch and finally the A-Team. I had to wait until 22yo to switch from dream to reality with the Dodge for first.


- A Firebird Formula?
And why not? After several months of discussions and no real knowledge at the time (no Iinternet at home in 2003 and nobody to help me) I threw my choice on the firebird. Several choice healthy reads quickly focused me on the basic or formula models that are less expensive and spread than T/A.

- The website?
Well after creating a personal page, then 2, then 3, i wanted to see a bit bigger and soon my pages have become a mini website. Note that except the very beginning of this site where i got a little help from a Quebec friend (thanks to JM350), since 2005 i'm alone to create it.

- Why?
A simple fact, easy to find a site on the firebird in the U.S., but for the same thing in French there is no one. Everybody does not read English so the need for translation with all the essential information together in one place is a must.

- My PONTIAC experience
To make it simple, i drove the 4 generations from 69 to 93. In order, a 69 conv 462ci equiped, a 1972 F400 with a stong 400ci, a 1978 Formula with a 389ci from the sixties, a 76 T/A with a stock 400ci, 89 Firebird 2.8L and 92 3.1L and finaly a 93 3.4L Firebird. The best i had in hands... the 72 one, so far! (thanks Didier)

- My PONTIAC, why so many mods?
Once you attack a sensitive topic for the purists. First, when i had it was not 100% stock so rather than wasting time in order to put right parts back, i decided to follow my idea. The primary goal is to have a nice and clean car and especially safe for my small family (handling, braking) without making a race car, anyway i can not afford. For me, it must remain a road car with some comfort.

- The future?
I'm not a soothsayer, but i know that some passions stay and others pass. For now, I'm addicted to the U.S. cars but to the detriment of my first passion, the motorcycle that i practice every day for years. I realize also that this passion does not seem to be affordable, financially speaking, at least in my case and with the changes that I do. However, even with low pay you get there, the proof! But it takes much more time...

- What club do i use?
Easy to answer: any!

- Why?
Because i'm a free spirit and it's out of question that i am have to pay to prove affiliation to any group that does never bring me much in terms of knowledge than regular event in which i participate every Friday night or almost, or discussion boards on the internet that are not confined to one region/country (that is nice to exchange with the world) or department as is too often the case!