Two years have passed since the last change of style from the front of the Firebird. New look for the vintage 79 thus who is grafting a more streamlined nose. The grilles you might say? Well, no change or rather, outright removal. The engine fresh air enter now the lower portion of the bumper, which is still Endura. Behind the plate, down into the bumper and taillights are one, venetian blind style "smoked". The rear spoiler is a slightly modified base and wheel fairings are redrawn. Last year for the shaker hood.


  1979 also marks the tenth anniversary of the Trans Am and the Pontiac released a silver version of the entire T/A. The Redbird is renewed and with this new design, it seems to increase its sophisticated image. Also available that year, 7500 pace-car version of the Daytona 500 produced and sold 11,000$. Last year for large motors 350, 400 and 403ci. 211000 Firebird went out of production lines for this year, a record!


The WS6 package now includes rear disc brakes, a first! But the pack WS7 appeared for those who did not want the rear brake discs.


Download the MANUAL OWNER 1979 in pdf.