It's been 10 years since the F-body (Camaro and Firebird) exist, a beautiful life for models that have narrowly escaped being stopped due to power laws and the environment. New style very different for the front with a new front hexagonal grid pattern and 4 rectangular headlights. The grille feels like a wrinkled eyebrows. The Formula has a new hood always with two (small) fake air intakes and no less than four two-tone paint combinations. late 77 we note the emergence of T-Top brand Fischer, wider than the Hurst.



  Engine side lot of change. The old six-cylinder is replaced by a 105hp 3.8L V6 Buick. The PONTIAC 350 is no longer alone since 350 Chevy expand the range comes with the Chevy 305 that will be very soon replaced by the Pontiac 301, despite the excitement generated by side are the economic and 119lbs less weight. The PONTIAC 400 is still available in 180 and 200hp, but a 403 Oldsmobile 185hp comes as reinforcements. The pack W72 appeared and brings 20hp more to the 400 PONTIAC. Note that the displacement written on the T/A shaker is now in liters rather than in cubic inch. The shaker of is redrawn with more angles. It is a little lower and wider than the previous ones. The cruise control and trunk remote opening (from the carrier via a button) first show in 77.

Emergence of famous snow flake wheels and the CB radio as an option.




F-body assembly site is in Norwood Ohio but the Van Nuys plant in California began to produce firebird also, probably due to the high demand.