Fitchbird (1967)


  With the new 1967 Firebird hitting the streets, DeLorean sought proposals from 3rd party entrepreneurs looking to perhaps create a relationship with Pontiac, similar to the way Shelby forged a relationship with Ford. The earliest proposals for a "Super Firebird" came from John Fitch, known for his mid-sixties "Fitch Corvairs". Fitch's proposal had some rather gruesome styling cues, including what were known as "flying buttresses" coming off the sail panels. In profile, these panels appeared similar to what would become the 1968 AMX. But from any other angle, the panels appeared to be tacked-on pieces of cardboard. The wire-mesh grille didn't help the aesthetics either.


The wire-mesh grilles on the proposed Fitchbird simply ruined the front end design, hiding the 4-headlight system that Pontiac stylists worked so hard on to distinguish themselves from the Camaro.

The sail panel extensions on the 1967 Fitchbird looked tacked-on when viewed from the rear.