Flashback on Scottoiler autonomy. Considering the way it is installed (highly angled, almost horizontal) and my settings (one drop every 20 to 30 secondes depend on weather), the average is 3200km. For me, it's 3 months without thinking about it. In fact, i have to control that oil flow well at the end of each injector.


  20800km, is the distance that my front brake pads have done. No hesitation to replace these parts: OEM. After trying lots of brand on my previous bikes, one thing is clear, OEM are the best for every day use (cold, rain, feeling...). But it's not the cheapest... It's a personnal choice.


OEM brake pads reference
Year Front left Front right Rear
97-00 06455-MAT-006 06435-MAT-016
2001 06455-MAT-E22 06456-MCC-006  
02-06 06455-MAT-E22  


Total of the kilometers traveled for 2016 : 10788km.
Total of the kilometers traveled since i bought it : 24725km.
Total of the kilometers on odometer : 72442km.

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