DODGE DART GT V8 273ci 1966


  To get a foot in the American car world, there are no fifty solutions. Either we wait patiently to have the budget to buy the U.S. of his dreams and it just take a long time, or you take the first passes to get your hands on it and see if you're "addicted". Thus in August 2000, i located at 2km from home, a Dodge Dart for a very reasonable price (10000Frs or 1500€). I found it could be risked to get into the adventure without knowing if i could like or not. Because it's not just the "face" of the car that matters, but whether the type driving (handling, engine and especially with the automatic transmission) and if it's mechanically easy to work on these old cars. Well, it did not take me long to get used to the mindset and understand the feelings of other owners of old American car.

  First, there's the face of the car. It's not necessarily beautiful but it still requires a certain respect to see 30 years cars driving over It does not go out without a passersby and other drivers do return their head (the V8 sound) and say "WOW", did you see the old car? What I really like? The fact that it was a two-door coupe without studs. When the windows were down, nothing concealed side vision of the windshield to the rear seats.


  Then the engine. The kind that distills good vibrations, but not too embarrassing to recall that this is not a 4 cylinder which is under the hood.


  Finally, the inside. Devoid of all unnecessary accessories, the vital controls are nonetheless clear and functional. Only drawback, it had no seat belts in front or behind! because the French law requiring this equipment came in September 1967 (October 1978 for the rear seat).


  Unfortunately i could not keep my Dodge Dart long enough to learn more about it (due to military service...). Everything you need to remember is that it was French origin (SIMCA plate in the engine compartment) and meter calibrated in kilometers per hour, it had its original engine that is a rare 273ci V8 (4471cm3) equipped with a 2BBL carb. The engine produce 180bhp @ 4200tr/min and 352 Nm @ 1600tr/min. The gearbox was a three-speed Torqueflite. The engine pushed hard despite its small displacement, probably due to the short ratio. Its top speed was approximately 190km/h (at the odometer) and consumed about 16L/100km having quite heavy foot.


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