Here is a list of sites that I have visited and which I found very interesting. Many of these sites have helped me by bringing me essential information. Descriptions will let you know what they contain individuals to facilitate your research.


French, Francophone and European websites :         

Trans Am Club of Sweden : Sweden gallery and forum. (SWE)

PONTIAC Power : Firebird, GTO, Grand Prix, production, movies... (CH)

Pontiac UK : Dedicated to pontiac. (GB)

formula400 : Mostely dedicated to 1972 firebird formula. (FR)

chezbaz : Personal website from a friend talking about his 79 firebird. (FR)

transam403 : personal websitewith a different approach and addressing the particularities of firebird gen2 1979-81. (FR) : personal website talking about firebird trans am gen3 et 4. (NL)


US sites:   

Performance Years : Dedicated to PONTIAC (any model from 1961 to 2002). Site and forum.

Wallace Racing : The best site for complete VIN decode.

High Performances PONTIAC : US magazine, news.

PontiacDude : Technical information Hi-perf engines. on online store.

2GTA : Special 2nd generation T/A (1970-81).

78ta :The best sites for 1978 T/A. MUST SEE!

Musclecarclub : US cars.

Musclecarcalendar : Muscles car, movies, pictures...

The F-Body organisation : Many F-body links.

Trans Am country : Gallery, downloads, forum...

Firebird nation : Gallery, downloads, forum...

The Formula Source : 4 F-body generations , technical files, gallery...

Bandit-Trans-Am : Trans Am Special Edition. : GTO and Firebird. : Exact paint for PONTIAC engine. : Pontiac, always pontiac.

Firebirdgallery : Big gallery, ad, scales models for the 4 generations.

SUMMIT RACING : Need performances parts? Go there!

Classic Industries : Brand new parts from the factory or reproductions, almost 98% of firebird parts!