This page is dedicate to this wonderfull bike which is mine since July 2014. I've introduce this HONDA on this page: CBR1100XX.

At the beginning

  Why did i choose a XX? Well not eas

y to answer you why. Actually, i own a HONDA X11. It's a fantastic daily ride but with some minor inconvenience (not enough protection against the wind and rain among other things), i was looking for similar bike (same engine size or near, fuel injected) but with a fairing. I didn't want hyper sport or pure GT. At the end of the reflexion, there's not much choice. Modern bike sucks, they look bad to me and very expensive, 15 years Old ones and more i know (i had a 1988 ZX-10, hard to find in really good shape and parts could be hard to get...

Final choices were:
- KAWASAKI ZZR 1100 late model ; too heavy, too old, not injected.
- KAWASAKI ZZR 1200 ; doubtful aesthetic, too heavy, not injected.
- BMW ; nothing for my wallet, too young for this! lol, maybe one day
- SUZUKI ; nothing in this category
- TRIUMPH 1050 ST 2005; expensive, not very widespread, reliability?
- YAMAHA ; nothing in this category
- HONDA CBR 1100XX 2001-2007; know the base as it is similar to my X11, good price, common, looks good, mythic... what else?

  After longtime reflexion, about to replace my actual HONDA X11 that i own since june 2010, that i use every days of the year from monday to friday and january first to december 31, i've decided it will be a CBR XX!.. Yeah, i know, not a very original choice (thinking about the X11). But one more time, it's a 10years old more bike that i choose.

  Now the hardest thing is to find the beauty. Since i own the X11 i don't want carb any more (even if i know they run really good). So no 1996-1998 model. Then, i wanted digital instruments, so no more 1999-2000. I had to choice 2001 and after millesim, but 4500€ max budget tend to lead me before 2004-2007. The color: no red, no grey. Last wish, less mileage as possible even if we know it's a really good reliable bike. 100 000km bike often mean more parts to replace compare to 40 000km and the CBR is a bike born to kill road. Not easy.

  After several weeks of research on paper magazine, trade website, i finally find it at 45min drive from home. A 2002 CBR with only 47700km to the odometer. It already have some interessant equipement like a complete 4 into 1 AKRAPOVIC with titan silencer (+stock exhaust), bagster tank cover, white turn signals, custom seat and rear fender.

Here is the pics of the classified ad:



  Once at home here are the pics:



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