New year, new facelift. Now the front and rear bumpers are bodycolour, and in one piece. The Model 1976 opens the semi-removable roof (optional) called "roof hatch" or T-Top and manufactured by Campbell Hurst Industries. For the equipment, adding a fuel saving device (vacuum gauge). "Limited Edition" version was available in black with decorative gold color for the 50 anniversary of the brand (1926-1976). A small logo applied on the rear bumper distinguishes this "50 years" version. The formula gets a new sheet hood always with two air inlets shorter than the 70-75 models but non-functional. A two-tone paint code W50 (black, yellow) by designer John Schineller equip 85% of Formula this year. In addition to this profusion of new color combinations, new bands of decoration.


  1976 is also the last production year of the fabulous 455ci engine. The rear spoiler is now available for the Esprit that was not the case so far and the front center console is standard on all models.