SKYBIRD 1977-78


  In 1976, Pontiac introduced at the Chicago Auto Show, a luxurious version of the Esprit was called Bluebird, but the name referred to a company that built the school bus and the name changed into Skybird. The basis of this finish is the Esprit.


  So in 1977 the Skybird appeared in the catalog, full of unique equipment. The most visible was the two-tone paint, on top, a blue called Lombard Blue (code 21) which was available for the Pontiac Astre and Skybird but for no other Firebird. The lower was colored blue (code 58). The RPO code corresponding to the package is W60. It will remain in the catalog until the mid-78.



  The general color, blue Lombard, includes grilles, the headlight surrounds, rims. A blue border runs through the hood, rocker panels and bypasses the windows and headlights. The inscriptions "Skybird" are also blue. Inside everything is blue, even the dashboard from the Trans am is seen in blue anodized. The engines available are the same as the Esprit models with Buick V6 3.8L, V8 301 and 350 Pontiac, Oldsmobile V8 350. Later there was the Chevy 305.