Following the series 50th anniversary of 1976 called LE for Limited Edition, Special Edition 1977 retains the same finish and only the front is changed. We thus find the edging and a decorative gold color on the body black. The stickers "Trans Am" written in Gothic letters like 76. Inside, there is the Gold finish on the steering wheel spokes and instrument panel. Y81 denotes the version without the T-Top Y82 with Hurst T-Top. Units Produced: 15567.


  In 1978, it was only available with T-Top Fischer brand. Y82 means the cars were assembled in Norwood (Ohio), while Y84 is for those from Van Huys (California). Units Produced: 3643. The default is too often associated in the Black SE T/A Bandit, who really has nothing to do. Read the page entitled BANDIT TRANS AM.



  Side equipment, nothing changes for 1979-80 with respectively 6,094 and 11,554 cars produced. In 1981, Black SE Trans Am were Turbo equiped. Units Produced: 5263.