Got it and as i always dreamed to customize a bike, i can now start mods. But wait, i'm not crazy, i don't want a clown bike!! I just want a beautifull bike with usefull parts. Somewhat like Japan tuning ; if it's useless and if it does not improve the original, i'm not interested.

  So here we go. First step with turn signal. I have stock and white ones, but i don't like them, i would prefer smoke glass and choose krystal light smoked (i didn't find anything darker anyway). On the other hand i put dark smoked ones at the back with 4 Philips chrom 21W bulbs. bulbs are almost invisible. But take care, bulb pins are not at the same place (225°) different from stock which are 180°, but it can still be mounted.


  Next, the front headlights. You have to consider to replace them periodically because it becomes worn with years unlike cars. Lights are always on and they lose efficiency after few years. I use some H7 Philips diamond 5000k, found on autolamps-online.com. It's 50/55 Watts like stock but light is really more white (not blue, not yellow)=> it's 5000°K temperature color.


  CARBON, you said carbon? Yes finally i can put some carbon on my bike! (could never do it before, because too old bikes with no specific parts in this material). A front fender extend to keep dirt far from radiator and an upper topbridge protect against the keys. As it protect, it's not useless.


I keep this material and continu with ignition and cluth cover. Infortunatly ever tested and approuved on my X11...


  The bagster that come with the bike is a contestable gone blue one and burned by the sun (on left). One attach has broken during first use, so an other purchase. I find one in an other blue, more consistent with the tahitien blue color of the bike (right picture). I wonder what bike's got this king of blue... A mistake from Bagster?


  The frame is black and i like it like that, but there is 4 big holes inside (engine bolts and swing arm). We only see them and i hate it so let's plug plastic caps in each.

  Back on the llights, the front tail light glass became smoke, because of many hours of work. I replace it by a 6 LED smd 5630 bulb (T10 or W5W). Few watts saved for the regulator's life.

  Custom seat, it's good, but it doesn't slip anymore! I'm not a pilot, but i like moving my butt in corners, so i keep the custom for duo and buy a stock for solo drive

  Next step, the handles. Since i got it, i don't feel the position really good: i'm too much on the front of the bike (the X11 is a roadster with almost a straight position on the bust). Every thing goes well on highway but once in town, it's dreadfull. Ok it's a GT sport but more sport than GT at this point. I followed advices found on forums. i've bought some VFR 800 2002-2006 handles on ebay US. Well, it's better without being totaly different. That said, it is adaptation, so it need a little tinker.


Result, it's: higher, open angle, more flat and more remotest than stock.


  The 6 pins made for luggage are really shocking. I only use them one or twice a year. I replace them by stainless steel FHC screw with conical washe.


  The day i bought the CBR, the seller put a new YUASA YTZ12S battery bought on amazon. But after 2 weeks of use and 2 holiday weeks the bike refused to start... few hours of load, the engine start again but the next day, still not enough electricity to start engine. Fuck, shit! I've got the right voltage (13.8V) at cold. No electricity loss (barely 0.1mA). Final diagnostic: battery is dead! It certainly was mistreated during shipping (coming from Spain) because when i took it out of its housing, there was a visible crack and had a "bloated" profile. The seller on amazon send me back a new one.




  20years i drive bikes, 20years i need to put grease on rear chain. Now it's time for changes! Automatic oiling system from SCOTTOILER. It's not cheap (266€ on ebay UK shipping include with dual injector option). But we can be used on other bikes in the futur.




  One last thing for this year, i replace the rear blue and broken fiber aero fender given with the bike by a PYRAMID one. It's fiber but ..... polyester.... Carbon is almost 200€!

Pictures at the end of 2014




Total of the kilometers traveled for 2014 : 4223km (in 5 month and a half)
Total of the kilometers traveled since i bought it : 4223km
Total of the kilometers on odometer on 12/31/14: 51940km

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