T/A MACHO (1976-80)

  This series was modified by Dennis and Kyle Mecham, two guys working in their father's Pontiac dealership. Given the success with the public in 1977, the following year DKM Performance Design Inc. was created. Units produced: 26 in 1976, 200 in 1977, 202 (plus 2 others changed after purchase) in 78 including 8 with Turbo engine, 200 in 1979 including 22 with Turbo engine. In 1980 there was only a few MACHO T/A.



  Various changes were made on the Firebird. Like FireAm, a performance pack (including Koni shock absorbers), stiffer lowering springs, bigger anti roll bars,) was proposed. They were equipped with automatic transmission reprogrammed, but also speed manual 4-speed Borg Warner, and even Doug Nash 5-speed version. In addition, the speedometer was calibrated to 160mph and up to 8000rpm tachometer. Equipment Issue; they often had all the factory options like air conditioning and cloth interior. The options proposed by DKM: rayjay Turbo, exhaust and ignition reviewed, Recaro seats, changing the axle ratio, different alloy wheels, radio FOSGATE 100W, fiber hood to win almost 30kg,reversed open hood, oil accumulator, rear disc brakes (end 78) and finally relocated the battery in the trunk for better weight distribution.



  Externally, they were identifiable by their two-tone paint and a variety of color combination. The shaker was again functional. there are a number plate on the center console to authenticate the vehicle in addition to the numbering used on the rear wing and front fenders.


  Level performance, DKM announced a gain of 40hp on atmospheric versions while the forced induction was estimated at about 300hp. June 1978 Hot Rod magazine, a Macho T/A #78-003 equipped with a compressed 400ci ran the quarter mile in 14.28@98.79mph. All this has a price, a T/A Macho cost $3,188 more than a stock T/A and still had to add $2,999 to equip the centrifugal compressor.



  Meanwhile, in the April 1978 issue of Hot Rod magazine, a T/A equipped with a compressed 400ci Turbo (limited to 7psi of boost, a 4-speed manual transmission and axle ratio 3.42) ran the quarter mile in 13.90 @ 15.40 @ 93mph 105mph against the same T/A atmospheric. But in another issue of "Car & Driver" in January 1979, denounced the figures with only the 1/4mile 16.1sec or worse than the T/A Series...

The numbers I found are quite contradictory and should be made from things.

see page 1 and page 2 from 1978 Hot Rod magazine.

see page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4 from HO Turbo Force 1979 catalog.

Most of these MACHO are listed on firebirdgallery.com. Official DKM website.