The hoods of the F-body aren't all the same, this identificate the finishing models.



From 1967 to 1969 the eagle on the fuel door and the side looked to her left







There are three types of hoods for the Firebird, the rails reserved for base models and Firebird Esprit. The two hood vents distinct (mainly for Formula) and those of the Trans Am with a hole in the middle to pass the Shaker.

The finish is identified with the Trans Am at a glance thanks to the impressive decal affixed to the cover from 1973. Note however that depending on the year, the head of the "screamin chicken" is turning to the right or left. Thus we can also differentiate by vintage details:

- 1970 to 1978 headed eagle driver.
- 1978 Gold Edition, eagle head on the passenger side.
- 1979 to 1981 head of the eagle pass.
- 1980 to 1981 model Turbo head driver.

1970-78 Eagle on the pole roof ar, dashboard ... looked to his left.