I would like to thank everyone who helped me both to my site and for my car.


Thank you for my site at:

- Jean Marc (QUEBEC) nickname "JM350", for his help in building this site, especially in its beginning.

- Vince (FRANCE), the webmaster of and for his help and advice on various problems encountered when editing and transfer of my site.

- Christophe (FRANCE) nickname "borntoride", for some video clips that he permitted to duplicate on my page "movies".

- Brian (?), webmaster of for photos and links to my site.

- Joe (USA?), for photos and information about Skybird, Redbird and yellowbird. His site :

- Mach1, for the MANUAL OWNER 1979 in pdf and some pictures.

- FREE.FR,for accommodation and 10 gigabytes of free storage data.




- Vince, for bulk orders in the United States, the numerous technical advice and equipment loan.

- Nono, for parts at a good price for which I cleared.

- Frank and Phillip for the "loan" from his garage and the labor at the repair of my gearbox.

- Laurent the boss of the CARROSSERIE ESCOMEL.V bodybuilder, for work done on the wings of my pontiac.


  Therefore sincerely thank you all (sorry to those that I forgot to mention if any), but that still will be hard for some things and to phiphi who introduced me to the forum and allowed me to meet a lot of people. And of course do a big thank you to all Internet users who visit my site not long ago that I would have given up the desire to do live that long.