T/A PACE CAR (1979-80)


  On 16th October 1979, Pontiac announced that the T/A was selected to open the 64th Indianapolis 500miles race in May. To commemorate this event, The PACE CAR REPLICA was born as a model of its own. Only 60 units produced for 1979!






  Only one engine available in this version, namely the 301 turbo 210hp. Two-tone paint, interior coating specific color. A production of 5700 exenplaires at 11200$ base price. The decals marked with the symbol PACE CAR were placed on the doors. Two options, the INDY PACE CAR or the DAYTONA PACE CAR.




T/A PACE CAR (1981)

For 1981, only DAYTONA PACE CAR remaining limited to 2000 unit produced.

Turbo Special Eition Y85 package includes red carpeting, embroidered bird on door panels and rear seat, red instrument lighting, digital display (ETR) radio. The exterior has two-tone paint, white lower and black roof T-top section with specific stripes. Specific NASCAR decals on front fenders, Recaro T/A door handle inserts and hood mounted 3-stage turbo boost indicator panel. Powered by Pontiac 4.9-Liter Turbo Charged V8 engine, mandatory Good Year Polysteel Radial raised white letter tires, 15X7.5 turbo cast aluminum wheels and limited slip axle.