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  A Pro-Touring or G-Machine, what is it? It's simple, you take a car, preferably American car from 1960-1980 you modifie it to have an handling like today's cars. You significantly improved the engine by adding eventually one Turbo (or 2) a compressor or fuel injection. If resources permit, we can put him squarely a modern engine injection. You stiffens up the suspension and chassis as well to strengthen them and the brakes and put large diameter wheels (17 "and above) mounted with modern and soft rubbers. And finally you get a car with one amazing look that holds the ground pushing hard. But Pro-Touring is first and foremost one style, for those who can not afford to completely change their car, the most affordable is to replace the original wheels with rims 17 "(minimum) equipped with wide sports tires and to lower the suspension. I gathered here the most beautiful Firebird typed G-Machine. Truce of talk, see all this in pictures. See also, the 67-69 pro touting.

Civilized version


These models are equipped with wheels from 17 to 20". It's still advisable to lower the suspension to complete the look and handling.
















Extreme version


  Here, we are not in the same category. They are real gems. Everything is redesigned with the goal "the Best", fuel-injected engine, blower or turbo no power limit. Ultra reinforced chassis, custom equipment, racing brakes ...






700HPin this 1980 T/A, to know more:



  Here is my opinion to the most ultimate of all second generation firebird. Is that produced by Year One based on 1978 Trans Am Special Edition revised, corrected and spicy. Choice 450, 550 or 700hp just that!


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