Just three years after its launch, a complete overhaul of the model occurs. Longer, wider, more comfortable are the new goals as the PONTIAC, Camaro also underwent similar changes.

  Designers thoroughly reassessing the car to exit the second generation of Firebird. Now it's longer and lower, but also heavier than the previous version. The different finishes are rebaptized: Base or Firebird, Esprit, Formula and Trans Am's "base" is the entry level, the Esprit is a luxury version of the base model. Formula 400 is for performance at an affordable price while the Trans Am is plenty of premium option. Engine issue, there is the everlasting six-cylinder, the 350 (255hp), the 400 (from 265 to 330hp) and 400 Ram Air III and IV (335 had to 345hp).


  The most visible changes are the front and back of the car. The front bumper is endura made with simple optics and a grille in the background. This grid is used to differentiate models 70-71 and 72 and 73 in their form with small squares. The aerodynamic start to grow on the T/A and in addition to the rear wing, the front spoiler is seen to add extensions (the shoes with wings) who make the rear wheels, hot air extractors on the front fenders had to the famous "shaker" on the hood. Inside, a larger instrument panel is created and the seats are equipped with head restraints, height adjustable only for that year. Details specific to the T/A strapping meter is not black but silver, yet something unique to 1970. The knob speed manual transmission have red a patch (gate speed) will turn black for all other years.

For decoration, the T/A has a wide central band. 15" rally rims are standard on the T/A.



The assembly place of F-body remains in Norwood Ohio.