We keep the essential and we start by changing the front and rear of the car. New facelift for 1974 so with the introduction of rubber bumper (urethane) to meet the new norms. Indeed, the bumpers must withstand impacts less than 15mph without deformation.


  The front grid are recognizable by its vertical grid and turn signals are under the headlights. The rear saw the lights stretched to the plate. 1974 is also the last year of the "performance" engines and moreover the T/A with its 250hp 455ci, the motor SD-455 (Super Duty) made his last seen under the hood. 290hp strong, this is the last time the T/A does not benefit only the most powerful engine. 943 T/A and 85 Formula received the 455 SD, but only 58 had the shaker.

  Finally, the steering becomes standard for all the firebird and the "ignition / seat belt interlock", literally "anti startup if you do not have your belt" made its appearance.

  Surrender of TH400 transmission certainly solid but incompatible with the size of the catalysts of the following year. Last year also for the double exhaust systems for the same reason.


Some magazine admitted that the Firebird 455 equipped outperformed the Corvette in performance.


Below the specificities of 3 finishes with pictures