Nothing lives for ever, even LED bulb (capable of 10000 hours of use, in theorie) put on rear light. Hopefully, most of motorcycle own 2 rear bulbs, if one dead, you have the time to go to buy a new. The cause? Maybe like all bikes i think: vibrations even with a double counter balance engine...

 Description: Red 9W Cree 5630 LED T20/7443


 Second problem the main bulb dead.I have replaced it when i bought the bike, 3 years and a half ago. I hadto permute high beam and road light waiting for new bulbs. Only 36000km of life, but i will replace it by the same PHILIPS Diamond H7 (5000K, not yellow, not blue) i like it. Bought ON EBAY.



Total of the kilometers traveled for 2018 : km.
Total of the kilometers traveled since i bought it : km.
Total of the kilometers on odometer : km.

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