Almost 100% identical to the 79 outside, the 80 still undergoing changes finest. The center console is standard equipment, a dozen new body colors are available and a dark blue interior. The dual exhaust system is made of light alloy. As an option we could have a sound installation 4 speakers and new halogen headlight bulbs. A special hood with a bump offset versions specifically designed for turbo.


  After the Redbird is the turn of the Yellowbird made its appearance. The T/A was selected to serve as a pace car during the 64th Indianapolis 500miles, So logical that a Replica version was proposed and equipped with the new 4.9L Turbo 210hp. 5700 exemplary were produced. No more big V8 anti-economics, 5 liters displacement is the max! Despite the best efforts of engineers, only 107,000 units were sold. More details on the pace car.

We may note a furtive apparition of the 4.3L V8 (LS5) 2bbl but it was canceled on January 17, 1980. No more manual transmission available this year.