At first the Pegasus just looks like a 1970 firebird with a long snout. But original parts like the Ferrari V12 engine, transmission and dashboard pressure gauge, all ended up a candy red paint highlighted by chrome and gold pinstriping would be more like a "performance low rider".



  At the first stage of assembly, it was referred to a GM Turbo Hydramatic transmission installation, but the three-speed was inadequate to nervous engine. Finally it's a Ferrari five-speed, probably from a 365GTC/4 that was installed. Other subtleties were installed as Corvette rear brakes with four pistons and a panoramic rear window which was introduced in production in 1975.


  To get into the details, the project was based on 1971 Firebird and originally equipped with a 3.3L V-12 Ferrari but considered too "soft", and was replaced with a 4.5L Ferrari. The air filter was fixed directly to the hood in order to properly highlight the 12 cylinder engine intake pipes. But they unfortunately had to shorten the front ones because of the shape from above the cover hinged, which upset the balance of the intake air. Another problem is the exhaust pipes so beautifully designed by Ferrari but had to be modified to enter the chassis and have longer equal length. Except these details, the engine adapts remarkably well considering that the wheelbase has been lengthened. The firewall was decreased by 9" which has condemned the use of air conditioning that could help fight against heat from the exhaust manifolds.


  In the interior space seems uncompromising and few elements of the firebird are kept. Leather covers the dashboard gauges to receive the modified Ferrari Veglia Borletti. Wood garnishes the center console housing the shifter without Ferrari chrome grille, while the handbrake is moved down the side of the tunnel. The leather bucket seats without headrests are sewn to look like those used in the Ferrari and Maserati. A Ferrari fuel door is installed on the trunk but it does not open. A gold and chrome spare tire takes place in the rear, pushing the luggage area at the back of the rear seats.


  Sitting behind the steering wheel of this concept seems so surreal it's like a car was Italian because of the seats and instrument panelin spite of all the doors are very heavy, the finish as lean as the direction too assisted compared to a true Italian sports car. The fenders enlargement remind of a racing car before. The engine starts with a quarter turn even in cold weather and the clutch is a smooth remarquable. The 1740kg of equipment associated with to a 4.10:1 ratio, the Pegasus accelerate like a Ferrari Daytona with an extra passenger and 5-speed transmission with close-ratio allows grip loss even with the light foot on the third speed. Not surprise, it handles like a trans am because of the rigid axle and leaf springs. But the best part is the sound, that sounds familiar to anyone who saw the short movies "Rendez-vous" with the good hifi sound.

This Firebird custom seen here has never been officially presented to the press, thus little information circulating about her.