After so many years of questioning and hesitation (9 years), I finally did it, namely reconditioning my engine or rather the preparation of another engine. I'll try here to provide full details all stages of the preparation with the best possible pictures and explanations of my choice and parts change. So this involves preparing a 350 PONTIAC 1972 to advantageously replace my old stock 350 1975. All this will take some time to allow me to get it right, wait for the money to come (it's not free this kind of work) while continuing to ride because I do not see myself being deprived of car for 6 months or a year or more...

  The engine is a 350ci block (casting number 481990, the date code B872) made Tuesday, February 8, 1972 for having YR code, cylinder heads equipped with 7H1 (B172 code made Tuesday, February 1, 1972) with valve 1.96"/ 1.77"(measured), 88cc (measured) volume combustion chamber and given to 175HP with dual exhaust and dual fuel body ... so the same power as my current ... but that was before.


Other measurement made for information purposes, one full head cast PONTIAC weighs 27Kg.

First step; get the engine, it looks like stupid, no? ... lol, so i drove to eastern France (thank you ban1). Forced to bring it in two times, but it does not matter, it leaves me a some time to get organized and find an engine stand to work and store it in my garage.